Career Guidance Project - Exploration


Grade 9 is an important year in your high school journey. It is an exit point for learners who want to do more practical courses at a TVET college. It is also the year when you are required to choose your subjects for the final phase of high school (grades 10-12).

These subjects you choose will determine what study options and career pathways you can follow after matric. This website is therefore designed to assist you the grade 9 learner with your career exploration process, specifically:

  • To explore your sense of self (self-knowledge): Who am I? What are my interests? What do I want to do as a career after matric? What am I good at?
  • To provide you with resources about career guidance, career information, study options, bursaries, university and college information
  • To link your subject choices to your career plans
  • To provide you with links to other important websites to help you broaden your career exploration and develop your own career action plan.