Career Guidance Project - Resources


As you embark on your own career exploration journey, you are likely to begin to ask many important questions that will need to be answer to help with your career planning.

What subjects are needed for my specific career goal? What are the university requirements for admission for becoming an architect? social worker? lawyer? auditor? sound engineer? Etc!  What will my studies cost? Where can I apply for a bursary? I’m so uncertain about my career plans. How can I get help? What are jobs of the future?

This website contains a wealth of resources that can help you address the questions that pop up for you about your career exploration. Think of a resource as a tool, asset, material, strategy or an aid that can be help you achieve your career goal. Resources in this website include videos that will you with your self-exploration, information that is pertinent to knowing more about study options and institutions of higher learning, news and information about the world of work. Links are provided for you to broaden your career exploration and develop your own career action plan. Check out the inspirational stories of young people who have not let circumstances hold them back!