Career Guidance Project - Exploration

Self Knowledge

The Career Flower

Presented below is The Career Flower which can help you explore important aspects of your self, your self-knowledge.  Each petal in the flower prompts you to consider an important aspect of your career profile. Take time to fill in each petal based first on your own self-reflection. You can also have a discussion with your LO teacher, your parents and peers to confirm your information about yourself. 

My Career Flower
My Loopbaan Blom

You can also use the Career Guidance Self-Directed Booklet to gain more insight into yourself.  Let all this information help you get to know yourself better, what your unique qualities and interests are to guide you to explore your future career path!  

Order your Career Guidance Self-Directed Booklet via the Whatsapp sms number or the email address. You can order an electronic copy for R30 or a hard copy for R50.


Using Self-Evaluation to Choose a Career

In this video, you’ll learn more about choosing a career using self-evaluation tactics.

Choosing a career for high school students, career talk #1

In this video Lisa breaks down three common misconceptions students have when deciding on their career! Knowing what you want to do at such a young age can be daunting, if not absolutely frightening. Lisa guides you down the right track in choosing what job/career path is best for you!

Academic and career planning

This lesson gives direction to the career guidance process by asking the kinds of questions a high school learner is likely to pose.

Education and career guidance by MOE Singapore

Education and Career Guidance is about equipping students as well as adults with the necessary knowledge, skills and values to make informed education and career decisions.

How to choose a career-Making a wise career choice

Choosing a career. Make a Wise Career Choice. This video focuses on teaching students the five factors that should be considered with selecting a career.